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Define Self Esteem And Tips To Improve It

What Is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem or self-respect is one of those topics which are discussed a lot but hardly applied.

This is mostly because most people fail to understand what self-esteem is, and if someone tells us that our self-esteem is low, we usually do not know what quality they are talking about and what is that something I don’t have.

Self-esteem is about how we look at ourselves, what we think about ourselves, what value do we have for ourselves, how much we respect ourselves, and how much trust do we have in our abilities.

When we think positively about ourselves, respect ourselves, value ourselves, and have trust in our abilities, it means that our self-esteem is high or healthy.

What Is Low Self-Esteem?

If we consider ourselves less in everything, we do not love ourselves, we do not believe in ourselves, and we do not respect ourselves it means that our self-esteem is low.

And if our self-esteem is low, it makes our life harder.

This is obvious because we take care of things that we love and if we do not love ourselves, we do not take care of ourselves in any way.

And because of low self-esteem, our confidence becomes so low that we hesitate in doing any new work, going somewhere alone, meeting people, and many more situations like these and this is how with time we start living with fear.

We never will take any decisions for ourselves because we fear failure.

We get so scared about failing that we let other people take the most important decisions of our life.

Also, if someone compliments us we either feel that person is lying or that they are trying to get some work out of us.

What Is High Self-Esteem?

If our self-esteem is high, we automatically have more trust in our abilities, and we can overcome any challenge and even if we do not get success, we learn from our mistakes and move forward.

If our self-esteem is high, it does not matter to us how other people see us or what they think about us.

When we respect ourselves, other people start respecting us too.

When we love ourselves, the fear inside us is replaced with confidence and we become able to take all life decisions confidently.

With high self-esteem, we know our own worth.

So at this point, we do not settle for something less than what we deserve.

When our self-esteem is high we become better people because we understand the fact that ‘being perfect’ is not important and we don’t expect others to be perfect too.

Another thing is that our self-esteem should not change based on what others tell us and if it is changing that is not self-esteem.

Self-esteem is something that we feel about ourselves and if we want to lead a good life it is important to make high self-esteem its foundation.

3 Ways To Improve Self-Esteem

  • 1. Self-acceptance

Accept yourself, We can think of it in two ways, the first is, accepting the things that you can’t change for example; Your looks, how do you look, your face, eyes, nose, etc.

You cannot change all these things, so learn to accept yourself as you are, tell yourself, I am happy to be whoever I am.

The second is, things you can change.

For example; if the financial condition of your family is a week or if you are a week in some skills or if you are not fit, then understand all these things and then change them and think about how to improve yourself.

This will not only increase your self-esteem, but you will also continue to develop from the inside.

  • 2. Helpfulness

Be kind to others and help others.

One thing we all must always remember is that we live in a mutual world, so it is our responsibility to help others either financially or through some work.

You must be thinking about what relation of self-esteem with it? So let me tell you one thing that whenever you help someone, your mind releases some chemicals and hormones that give you happiness and determination.

So your self-esteem starts to rise on its own.

Promise yourself now that you will help others, it will be good for both, you and others.

  • 3. Identify yourself

Self-Esteem is not what people think of you.

Self-Esteem means what you think about yourself.

To know how well you know yourself, for this you have to do one thing every day, that is, talk to yourself.

You might not even guess that there is so much power in this small work that it will change your whole life, so reserve time for yourself and ask yourself at that time about your own weakness and strength.

This is called self-questioning. By regularizing this thing, your confidence and self-esteem will become so much better that you will never think of yourself as less than anyone else.

Final words

If you have got any help from this article, if you have got anything to learn, then do share it.



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