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5 Best Types Of Motivation

What Is Motivation?

Motivation means that it increases our desire in doing any work or fulfilling any dream or achieving any goal.

Suppose you want a big car, what will you do for it?

It is a simple matter that if you have that much money then you will go immediately and buy that car.

But if you do not have money and that car is your dream car then you know that you need money to buy a car.

At this time you do not have money, so motivation will be to increase the desire to earn money by working hard and buy that car.

What Is The Importance Of Motivation?

Improves Performance

The right motivation meets the needs of the employee, in return, those employees give their 100% to work hard and diligently.

Builds Positive Attitude

Helps to change negative or indifferent attitudes of the employee to positive attitudes to achieve organizational goals.

Reduces Employee Turnover

If managers identify the motivational needs of employees and provide suitable incentives, employees may not think of leaving the organization.

What Are The Major Sources Of Motivation?

The actual motives for doing things.

The needs we have must be satisfied.

Motivational sources are the reason we pursue things.

When met, we exert effort.

Intrinsic Process Motivation

This motivation is all about having fun in life.

Enjoyment during activities.

When it comes to doing any work, then in this motivational source, we choose the work that we enjoy.

Often put off tasks that aren’t fun.

Do the things they enjoy doing

Instrumental Motivation

This motivation is about getting any kind of huge rewards.

Motivated to pursue out financial outcomes.

Jobs/Career choices based on money.

Always looking for better financial situations.

Self-Concept External Motivation

This motivation is about increasing your reputation with others which makes you happy.

A desire to meet others’ expectations.

How am I doing? is this what you want? can I run something by you?

Seek recognition and praise for the work they do.

Self-Concept Internal Motivation

This motivation source is all about giving yourself challenging tasks.

Disinterested in menial or ordinary tasks.

Tend to be motivated from within.

Seeks for activities in which their skills are fully utilized.

It may not require any public recognition for accomplishments.

Goal Internalization Motivation

This motivation source is all about believing in what we are doing

Best when engaged in moral activities.

Before doing any work, it is very important to know its purpose, what is its goal, you should not do any work without knowing it.

Principles guide their choices.

They pursue jobs with socially moral organizations.

How Many Types Of Motivation?

Achievement Motivation

Titles, positions, and roles are very important for us in our everyday life and in our job.

Those people who are constantly engaged in achieving these positions and earning these titles, in fact, those people walk based on achievement motivation.

Whereas those who use Incentive Motivation for the reward which is received after the completion of a goal.

Whereas people who work with Achievement Motivation, their entire focus is on achieving the goal and when they achieve the goal then they get the feeling of achievement which makes them very happy.

Achievement Motivation will help a lot for those people who want to move ahead in their professional life.

Fear Motivation

After hearing the word fear, we take out its meaning very negatively, But when it comes to motivation, it is not necessary to be like this.

Anyone who is very ahead in setting goals and achieving them knows that accountability plays a big role in achieving goals.

When you become accountable to someone, whether it is someone close to you or general people, Then you get motivation from the fear of failure or the fear of disappointing someone.

Fear-based motivation is very powerful as long as your fear is strong enough to prevent quitting you from working towards your goal.

Power Motivation

Power motivation is very effective for those who feel happy when they become very powerful or creating a lot of changes.

Power motivation is such a motivation that gives more energy to control others. Usually, this is mostly through employment and organizations positions.

This may sound like a bad thing to you but it is not, power motivation is very good for those who want to change the world around them with their perspective.

If you want to bring some change, then power motivation will prove to be very effective for you.

Competence Motivation

Have you always tried to improve your skills and talents? Is it one of your goals that I always keep improving in my work and my hobbies?

Then You Might Need Competence Motivation.

Competence Motivation helps you a lot to be able to move ahead in life and improve your skills.

Competence Motivation helps you a lot to learn new skills and face those tough challenges that you have to face at different places in your life.

Affiliation Motivation

Some people often say that it is not what we do but what we know that determines our success.

This is true for those who walk on the basis of affiliation motivation.

Those people who move ahead in life according to the affiliation motivation, get success in the goal when they associate with the people of higher positions than them.

They get success even when people in high positions praise their work, the work they do, and their achievements too.

That’s why Affiliate Motivation is very good which helps you to achieve your goals and move ahead in life.

What is the best type of motivation?

Best types of motivation for employees

As an employee, you need to be motivated both internally and externally in the world of business.

In reality, there must be a reason to motivate someone, so these motivation types will greatly affect an employee if they have a reason to be motivated.

Attitude motivation

Reward-based motivation

Fear-based motivation

Achievement motivation

Creative motivation

Power motivation

Competence motivation

Best types of motivation for managers

Whether the group is of five people or thousands of people, there is always a need for motivation for the manager to work and get the work done by employees.

He is always meeting new people and the only thing that keeps him energized is motivation.

These are some of the motivational types that always keep a manager motivated.

Reward-based motivation

Achievement motivation

Power motivation

Competence motivation

Attitude motivation

Best types of motivation in education

In education, the students or learners do not follow the motivation on the practical side, but they follow the motivation on the theoretical side.

These are some motivation types for education.

Reward-based motivation

Achievement motivation

Fear-based motivation


You have to understand the goal you want to achieve, And the right motivation has to be used according to the situation.

Remember you cannot use all motivation types in all situations and you are not restricted to use anyone motivation type.

Mix all the motivation and achieve your goal according to the situation.

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